Sharing and Preserving the Music of the Hotlands of Southwestern Mexico

From left: Tina Pilione, Juan Reynoso, Ruth Einstein, Hugo Reynoso, Paul Anastasio

Paul Anastasio, along with Tina Pilione, Elena DeLisle, and Juan Manuel Barco, perform and teach the achingly beautiful music of Mexico’s region known as Tierra Caliente. They are available for folkloric presentations, university artist-in-residency programs, and music workshops and camps, as well as for performance venues featuring traditional ethnic music.

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 El Leon De La Montana

From left: Juan Reynoso, David Tobin, and Paul Anastasio


Paul and Tina formerly performed as Los Gringos Calentanos and recorded two CDs in 2008 and 2009.

Los-Gringos-Calentanos-album-photo-Tina-Paul Tina Pilione and Paul Anastasio


New Works in the Styles of Mexico’s Hot Lands

A Note from Paul Anastasio

I never intended to compose a single note of any of the pieces on this CD. When I began my study of the music of southwestern Mexico’s Tierra Caliente del Balsas, my sole aim was to do everything in my power to preserve this remarkable music. However, at times while practicing I’d stumble upon a musical idea that was different from any of the tunes I had learned from my teachers. Chasing these ideas to their conclusions would sometimes result in original pieces. One thing led to another, and before too long I had a gang of original compositions in the styles of the Hot Lands.

Funding for this disc was generously provided by 4Culture, the King County, Washington Arts Commission. Their grant, and the generosity of Ed Littlefield, Jr., who graciously allowed us the use of his Sage Arts Recording Studio, have resulted in the disc you now hold in your hand. We owe a great deal of thanks to Sage Arts recording engineers Erick Jaskowiak and Jordan Cunningham, who did a masterful job of recording, mixing and finessing the project. 

Without guitarist Elena DeLisle and bajo sexto player Juan Manuel Barco, this project could never have come to fruition. They both have my undying gratitude. A tip of the hat to our spouses Claudia Anastasio, Norma Barco, and Steve Perry for their moral support and encouragement.

For booking or more information, contact Paul Anastasio at

Also available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.

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